Architecture for social progress.

"Embrace" Methadone Clinic design selected for Jury Shortlist in the Emotions, Architecture, Opioids international ideas competition.  

"Anti-Colonial Architecture" Reading List published in Places Journal. 

"Global Design Practice" Reading List published in Places Journal. 

"Crossing the Skyline" exhibits at the University of Illinois Main Library.  

"Crossing the Skyline" exhibits at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

"A Reading List for the End of Architecture" published in Dialectic VII: Decolonizing Architectural Pedagogy. 

FirstFollowers Learning Lab construction continues with new scholars in the GoMAD program.  

"Crossing the Skyline" receives a second place prize in the 2018 Chicago Prize Competition. 

"Two-Plex" selected for the jury shortlist in the 2019 Disruptive Design Affordable Housing competition. 

"Native Citizenship" included in Form N-X00, an online exhibition within the 2018 US Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. 

"Ecoregional Zoo" receives honorable mention in the 2018 Coexist: Rethinking Zoos Ideas Competition. 

Transect Issue 2 : PARTITIONS (Spring 2018) examines cartography and partitioned territories in three locations across the globe. 

Transect Issue 1 : WE (Spring 2017) focuses on community and design across the North American continent. 

JustLikeNew Retail shop opens in Hyderabad, India.  

Chicago Design Office joins Architects Advocate Action on Climate Change. 

"Wasteland" exhibits at the Chicago Architecture Foundation.  

Aneesha Dharwadker lectures on "City of Edges" at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Prof. Joseph Clarke's undergraduate course "Metropolis: The Architectural Discourse of the City."    

Bus Transit Authority published in Association Vol. 7 (Cornell University, 2015).  

"City of Edges" published in Writing Cities Vol. 3: Limits and the Urban, edited by Nikos Katsikis, Lily Pollans, and  Cressica Brazier (Harvard Graduate School of Design, 2014).   

"Multi-Grid" receives Honorable Mention, Jury Award Finalist, and People's Choice Award Finalist in the Sixty-Nine Seventy: The Spaces Between international design competition for downtown Salt Lake City. The proposal also won a Merit Award in Planning from the ASLA Colorado Chapter. 

Bus Transit Authority receives third place in the 2013 Burnham Prize Competition.