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Aneesha Dharwadker, AIA, is a licensed architect in Illinois and 
an Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She founded Chicago Design Office in 2017.



916 N. Damen Avenue

Chicago IL 60622


Architectural design, interior design, and interior renovations
Pro-bono design services for community organizations  



Design for Covid-19, The Plan Journal (2022)
Image by Huong Dinh and Andrew Wei


Dystopia's Ghost, Places Journal (2022)

Places Journal_Dystopias Ghost_edited.jpg

Anti-Colonial Architecture, Places Reading List (2021)

Places Journal_Reading List 2_edited.jpg
Places Journal_Reading List 1.jpg

A Reading List for the End of Architecture, Dialectic VII: Decolonizing Architectural Pedagogy (2019)

Dialectic VII Cover

A Place of Contradictions, Baumeister (2018, German)

A Place of Contradictions_Baumeister_Page_03.jpg

Transect Issue 2: Partitions (editor, 2018)
With essays by D.N. Bhargava, Dongsei Kim, and Avi Taranto
examining cartography and partitioned territories in three locations across the globe.   


Transect Issue 1: WE (editor, 2017)
With essays by Paola Aguirre Serrano, Keefer Dunn, and Chris Alton examining community, collectiveness, and design across North America.   

Pages from TRANSECT_ISSUE 1_ WE-3.png

Bus Transit Authority, Association Vol. 7 (2015)
With Conor O'Shea 


City of Edges, Writing Cities Vol. 3: Limits and the Urban Edited by Nikos Katsikis, Lily Pollans, and  Cressica Brazier (2014)

Writing-Cities-Vol-03 cover.jpg

An Archaeology of Perspective: Tempietto Underground
Abitare (2011)
With Aviva Rubin and Michail Vlasopoulos  


Abitare_Tempietto Underground.jpg

MisReading the City: An Urban Proposal, Association Vol. 4 (2010)

MisReading the City.jpg
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