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TRANSECT is a journal of design criticism published by Chicago Design Office. Print copies are available for free upon request

TRANSECT_ISSUE 1_ WE_cover.png

Issue 1 : WE focuses on community and design across the North American Continent. The issue includes an editor's note by Aneesha Dharwadker and contributions from Paola Aguirre Serrano, Christopher Alton, and Keefer Dunn    

Download the PDF.  


Issue 2 : PARTITIONS examines cartography and partitioned territories in three locations across the globe. The issue includes an editor's note by Aneesha Dharwadker and contributions from Deoki Nandan Bhargava, Dongsei Kim, and Avi Taranto 

Download the PDF.  

Articles and featured design work.

Places Journal_Reading List 2.JPG

Dharwadker, Aneesha. "Anti-Colonial Architecture." Places Reading List Series (2021).    

Read online.

Places Journal_Reading List 1.jpg

Dharwadker, Aneesha. "Global Design Practice: Themes, Critiques, and Radical Alternatives." Places Reading List Series (2020).    

Read online.

Dialectic VII Cover

Dharwadker, Aneesha. "A Reading List for the End of Architecture." Dialectic VII: Decolonizing Architectural Pedagogy (2019): 41-48.     

Order online.

A Place of Contradictions_Baumeister_Pag

Dharwadker, Aneesha. "A Place of Contradictions." Baumeister (December 2018): 40-50.     

Read in German.

Request in English.

Writing-Cities-Vol-03 cover.jpg

Dharwadker, Aneesha. "City of Edges." Writing Cities Vol. 3: Limits and the Urban (2014): 58-67.     

Read online. 

Download the PDF. 


Dharwadker, Aneesha and Conor O'Shea. "Bus Transit Authority." Association Vol. 7 (2015).    

Order online.  

Abitare_Tempietto Underground.jpg

Dharwadker, Aneesha, Aviva Rubin, and Michael Vlasopoulos. "An Archaeology of Perspective: Tempietto Underground." Abitare (2011).     

Read online. 

Association_Volume 4_2009_Cover.png

Dharwadker, Aneesha. "MisReading the City: An Urban Proposal." Association Vol. 4 (2010): 2-26.     

Download the PDF. 

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