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open    ground

Type Exhibition

Location Champaign IL  

Design and installation Aneesha Dharwadker, Katy Kraszewska, and Craig Reschke 

Date 2018

Open Ground_3.jpg

"Open Ground" is the 2018 Designer-in-Residence exhibition at the University of Illinois, supported by the Department of Landscape Architecture. 


The installation examines geofoam as a contemporary landscape material. It begins as a wall and deconstructs into
a landscape over time, providing flexible
seating options and interactive play. The
installation relies on collective participation
to produce various spatial possibilities.

The team was inspired by the ground as a sponge: pieces of foam were shaped, cut, and perforated to mimic drainage paths for water through a cross-section of land. Neon acrylic paint poured through the solid mass traces many possible avenues of liquid, demonstrating that the interaction of
ecological materials can be both structured
and unpredictable.

Photographs: Aneesha Dharwadker


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Open Ground_1.jpg
Open Ground_2.jpg


Open Ground_4.jpg
Open Ground_5.jpg

Exhibition guide graphics 

Open Ground_Pamphlet_Page_1.jpg
Open Ground_Pamphlet_Page_2.jpg
Open Ground_Pamphlet_Page_4.jpg
Open Ground_Pamphlet_Page_5.jpg
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