Type Competition   

Location Newtown CT 

Design Aneesha Dharwadker

Date 2017

The natural landscape is a mirror of the human condition. It ebbs and flows with seasons, grows and diminishes with time, and shows us moments of healing and renewal. It frames both solitary and communal experiences.

The Passage is a void in the landscape, signifying profound loss. At the same time, it celebrates the lives lost at Sandy Hook through simple natural elements like sky, wind, water, and sunlight.

An excavated corridor spans the site, connecting multiple program elements: a sunken Reflection Pool, a light-filled Contemplation Room, and Grove Clearings, where dedicated granite benches are arranged along with wooden swings, plants, and trees.

Visitors ascend and descend through different architecture and landscape interventions, experiencing moments of reflection, mourning, and catharsis.

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